Todd Bates - Broker/Owner

Todd Bates was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and proceeded to enter university in Hamilton, Ontario, at McMaster University and after completing his Bachelor of Arts degree, went to Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, for a second Bachelor of Arts degree.

But he was searching for something more in his life and traveled to Whistler, British Columbia to visit friends from his University days and decided to pursue a life there. After owning and operating his 2 successful businesses in Whistler for 12 years, he met his now former wife on a trip to Puerto Vallarta and decided that would be his new home in Paradise.

Both Todd’s mother and ex-mother-in-law have properties in Puerto Vallarta, so he understands the needs and expectations of the foreign purchaser, as well as a Mexican purchaser. Growing up around real estate in Toronto, as Todd’s mother and brother ran a very successful real estate company in Toronto, he fully understands the work needed to be successful.

“Living here full-time has been an incredible challenge and opportunity and I am so fortunate to be able to live where people only think of vacationing”, Todd has said.

He continues to upgrade his real estate knowledge through continuous training in the multi-faceted business that the buying and selling of real estate in Puerto Vallarta to ensure that his clients receive the most professional representation possible.

He lives by the motto of “Treat this person as you would treat your mother and always expect more of yourself”.

A continuación español.

Todd Bates nació y se crió en Toronto, Ontario, Canadá y procedió a entrar en la universidad en Hamilton, Ontario, de la Universidad McMaster y después de terminar su licenciatura, fue a la Universidad de Queen en Kingston, Ontario, para una segunda licenciatura.

Pero él estaba buscando algo más en su vida y viajó a Whistler, Columbia Británica para visitar a amigos de sus días en la universidad y decidió seguir una vida allí. Después de poseer y operar sus negocios exitosos 2 en Whistler durante 12 años, conoció a su ex-esposa en un viaje a Puerto Vallarta y decidió que sería su nuevo hogar en el paraíso.

Tanto la madre de Todd y la ex-madre-en-ley tienen propiedades en Puerto Vallarta, así que entiende las necesidades y expectativas del comprador extranjero, así como un comprador mexicano. Al crecer en torno a las propiedades inmobiliarias en Toronto, como la madre y el hermano de Todd dirigió una compañía de bienes raíces muy exitoso en Toronto, que entiende plenamente el trabajo que se necesita para tener éxito.

“Vivir aquí a tiempo completo ha sido un reto increíble y la oportunidad y estoy muy afortunado de poder vivir donde las personas sólo piensan en las vacaciones", Todd ha dicho.

Se continúa actualizando sus conocimientos de bienes raíces a través de la formación continua en el negocio de múltiples facetas que la compra y venta de bienes raíces en Puerto Vallarta para asegurar que sus clientes reciban la representación más profesional posible.

Él vive bajo el lema de "Trata a esta persona como lo haría con su madre y siempre esperan más de ti”.

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Maru Michel - Sales Associate

Maru Michel was born in Guadalajara, Mexico.  She was raised in a family of 5 with solid traditional values.  She pursued her studies in the same city and went on to marry a businessman from Guadalajara and had her own family of 2, plus 4 grandchildren.

She had the opportunity to live in Manhattan Beach, California for 10 years, during which she was a dedicated homemaker and supported her husband’s businesses.  In addition, she practiced several outdoor sports such as golf, windsurf and jogging.

Upon returning to Guadalajara she became an investment advisor and later on she opened an import-export company that she ran for 10 years.  Finally she decided to move to Puerto Vallarta where she became a Real Estate Agent and has been in the business for 6 years.

Living in Puerto Vallarta has been a true pleasure for Maru, the weather, the people and the beauty of living in a small town that has everything from the simplest foods to the most sophisticated restaurants.  She enjoys meeting people from all over the world and of all ages and finds it is a true enriching experience to learn their customs and ways of life.

Maru feels the most rewarding experience is helping someone sell their property when they want to sell and helping someone find the ideal property when they want to buy, it is just as simple as that.  She has the privilege of understanding American and Mexican cultures having lived in both places and mastering both languages.  She has also traveled to Europe, Africa and South America giving her a broader vision of life and people.

Her favorite quote is “Life is beautiful”

A continuación español.

Maru Michel Nació en Guadalajara Jalisco México, en una familia numerosa de costumbres arraigadas, creció, estudio y se case en Guadalajara, con 2 hijos y 4 nietos. Vivió en Manhattan Beach  California por 10 años durante los cuales me dedicaba a mi familia, los negocios de mi esposo y a hacer deportes como golf, windsurf y correr. Regreso a Guadalajara y trabajo como asesora de inversiones, después inicio una  agencia  aduanal de importaciones y exportaciones la cual manejo durante 10 años y decidió cambiarse a vivir a Puerto Vallarta donde desde entonces a sido in Agente de Bienes Raíces  desde hace 6 años.  Para Maru es un placer vivir en Puerto Vallarta disfrutando del clima, de su gente,  la belleza de vivir en un lugar pequeño en donde hay de todo desde la comida más sencilla hasta el restaurante más sofisticado,  disfruta conociendo gente de todo el mundo de todas las edades y considera que es muy enriquecedor aprender las costumbres de diferentes personas y lugares. Maru siente su meta realizada cada vez que vende una propiedad a la persona que quería venderla o ayuda a encontrar la propiedad ideal a la persona que quiere comprar. Se siente privilegiada de entender la manera de vivir en Estados Unidos y la manera de vivir en México ya que ha vivido en ambos lugares y habla los dos idiomas. Además ha viajado a Europa, África y Sudamérica lo que le ayuda a tener una visión más amplia de la vida y de las personas.

Su lema favorito es “La Vida es Bella”

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Angie Ahumada - Sales Associate

Angie Ahumada, was born and raised Tepic Nayarit, Mexico.

Since a young age Angie has had bilingual education (English and Spanish) and developed excellent customer service skills. Graduating in Business management, Certified in Administration, Marketing and Sales Strategies. Working in the Tourist Industry gave her an opportunity to travel thoughtout Mexico, USA and South America. She has developed her skills into a multicultural career.

Angie has lived in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay for the last 25 years, establishing relationships with different associations and support groups to grow and help around the bay, such as Canaco, Coparmex Business Association, Tourist Department, Concierge Service Association, Hotel & Motels Association, and volunteer in the Rotary Club, among others.

Angie became single mother at very early age in her life, of whom now is a professional and award winning Chef of several National and International competitions Chef Hugo Ahumada.

Looking for the best place to live for her and her son, she moved to paradisiac Puerto Vallarta area to develop her career in the touritst industry. Becoming a top producer sales agent for Vacation Resorts, Hotel business, property management, and has had the life experience that everyone dreams accomplishing her mission of raising her son and live in “THE MOST FRIENDLY CITY IN THE WORLD”. Prior to becoming a Real Estate Agent Angie managed her own Day Spa Business and Boutique.

In her venture to provide professional Real Estate services to both companies and individuals, there is absolutely no doubt that she will again go above and beyond in serving these clients as well. Angie has worked with people of many nationalities, in many capacities, throughout her professional career. Through these experiences, she has developed a sensibility of how business should be conducted from their perspective, as compared to how it might be conducted in her native country.

“It has always Been my goal to provide excellent customer service. It has become a second nature to me, so it only makes sense to place myself into an occupation that utilizes my abilities and have fun while doing it in the best Real Estate office around the bay”.

As Real Estate Agent, I assist sellers in marketing their property and selling it for the highest possible price under the best terms available.

”I act as a Buyer´s Agent with a signed agreement, I assist buyers by helping them purchase property in the best possible price under the best terms available”.


My question to you: Do you want your home listed or Do you want your home SOLD?

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Monica Garcia - Sales and Rental Associate

I was born on July 19, 1971 in Mexico City. Since I was a child I have always been very creative; crafts and decor are my passion and I love to dance and go to the cinema.

I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have the family that I have, starting with my Mother who is my best friend and my dad with whom I have always know that I can count with him. I've been married 23 years with my partner of life, we have 2 children; a handsome young man of 22 years and a beautiful young lady of 18 years, who are my reason and the engine that drives me everyday, as well as my friends and the soul of my family.

I love animals, but cats are my favorites and Christmas is my favorite time of the year. With the passage of the years, but especially this last year, I have learned that I must live my life as if it were the last day, and try to enjoy everything around me, to express my love for the people that I love and give thanks for all the good blessings that come into my life everyday because of all; I've learned something.

A continuación español.

Nací el 19 de Julio de 1971 en la ciudad de México, desde niña siempre he sido muy soñadora y creativa, las manualidades y la decoración son mi pasión y me encanta bailar & ir al cine/

Me considero muy afortunada y bendecida por tener la familia que tengo, empezando por mi mami quien es mi mejor amiga y mi papa con quien siempre me ha hecho saber que cuento con el, llevo casada 23 años y medio con mi pareja de vida, tenemos 2 hijos un guapo joven de 22 años y una hermosa señorita de 18 años, quienes son mi razón y el motor que me impulsa día a día así como mis buddy’s y mi familia del alma.

Los animales me encantan pero los gatos son mis favoritos y la Navidad es mi época favorita del año.

Con el paso de los años pero sobre todo este último año, he aprendido que uno debe de vivir su vida como si fuera el último día de su vida, y tratar de disfrutar de todo lo que me rodea, expresarle mi amor a la gente que amo y dar gracias por todas las bendiciones buenas y no tan buenas que llegan a mi vida día a día porque de todas he aprendido algo.

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Elsa Grady - Sales and Rental Associate

Elsa Grady, born and raised into a family of 11 in Riviera Nayarit, moved to Puerto Vallarta at 15 to continue studies at the CBTIS #68 and graduating with a certificate of Bilingual Executive Secretary.

Ms. Grady worked as Director’s Assistant and assisting in the sale of 500 apartments in complex Vallarta 500, she also occupied the position of Assistant of Corporate Director for Posadas de Mexico Hotels in Puerto Vallarta for 3 years being responsible for the redaction and implementation of rules, restrictions, and regulations for Plaza Vallarta Hotel, Plaza Las Glorias Hotel, Villas Plaza Vallarta Hotel, John Newcombe Tennis Club, and Villas Plaza Vallarta Shopping Center. After the position at Posadas de Mexico was fulfilled, she got offered a job with Banca Cremi of Villas Plaza Vallarta as Account Executive in charge of new Savings/Checking accounts and Seniors Retirement Distribution.

Elsa moved to the United States to continue her studies of the English language in Southern California where she married for almost 20 years to the father of her three sons (Travis, Brandon and Ian), and is now the proud grandmother of her first grandson William Hendrix Grady.

Elsa attended Crafton Hills College where she studied California Real Estate Principles and California Real Estate Law. Elsa was granted the California Real Estate license in 1998 and has been a full time Realtor since then. The companies she has worked for are: Homelife Traditional Properties, Fred Sands Inland Empire where she earn the designation of Certified Relocation Professional (CRP); and was awarded “Best Selling Agent” 2 years in a row. Miss Grady was Realtor Associate at Re/Max Advantage and Re/Max Results in Southern California for 7 consecutive years, where she was awarded “Best Selling Agent”, “Agent of the Month”, “Best Listing Agent”, the “Sapphire Award”, “Ruby Award”, “Multi-Million Dollar Producer”, “Vacant Land Specialist”, etc. In 2008 she opened her own Real Estate office E.G. Realty Group continuing selling in the Inland Empire. Ms. Grady also held a California Notary Public Commission for eight years in a row.

Elsa Grady moved back to Puerto Vallarta to continue her career as a Real Estate Professional, joining our office in November 05, 2015 where she is offering her professional services always with the best disposition and with the customer’s interests as her priority.

Favorite quote: “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” By William Shakespeare

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Ken Hallenbeck - Sales Associate

Todd Bates, owner and Ken Hallenbeck, Real Estate agent, felt there was a need for quality real estate representation in the area in the Mantenchen Bay area.

After spending many years with REMAX in Northern California, Ken Hallenbeck now lives full time in Playa los Cocos, located on Mantenchen Bay.

“Living here full time allows me to network with landowners on a daily basis to find out who is willing to sell their properties now and in the future.”

Building his own home in the area has also given him a wealth of information on the different tradesman available in the area to help clients with resources.

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