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Please contact us by telephone, locally at (011 52 322) 221 0111, or internationally on our toll-free number at 1 888 796 6606, or by email Here.


Do you want to cancel your timeshare contract?

Stop Paying Timeshare Fees Today!

RE/MAX Sites Marina started Cancel My Timeshare, to help timeshare owners legally get out of their contracts.

If you want to get out of your timeshare, please call 1 (888) 796-6606 to reserve your spot with one of our consumer advisors. Appointments are required!

Are you sick of all the increasing fees, and all the hassles that come with owning your timeshare?

We’ve helped frustrated timeshare owners find the
perfect solution for their timeshares, and we want to help you too!

Ending the contract in a way not allowed by law or the terms of the contract is considered a breach.  Breach of contract exposes the timeshare owner to legal and financial ramifications, as well as strongly effecting your credit score.  Is your credit score important to you?

There are only 2 ways to get out of a timeshare contract.

1.  Sell the timeshare.  It's difficult to sell a timeshare on the resale market, but we can help with that.  

2.  Transfer ownership to a third party.  Transfers are known as "exit solutions" -- they get you out of your contract very quickly.  However, the third party won't pay you for the timeshare.  It'll merely take ownership and take over the maintenance payments and other fees.  Considering that the cost of listing and advertising a resale timeshare can cost thousands of dollars in the long run, going this route is the most popular option utilized by our clients because the liability for maintenance, assessments and other fees ends almost immediately.


Question: What is RE/MAX Sites Marina - Cancel My Timeshare?

Answer: Our company that provides timeshare owners with the only trustworthy timeshare exit solution that offers both financial relief and peace of mind from unwanted or unused timeshares, be that listing it for sale or canceling the contract.


Q: Who is RE/MAX Sites Marina - Cancel My Timeshare for?

A: This service was created specifically for timeshare owners who are:


  1. No longer using their timeshares as much as they once were.
  2. No longer able to afford the financial burden of Timeshare ownership.
  3. Hit by excessive timeshare maintenance fees and miscellaneous special assessments.
  4. Realizing that there are more vacation options available for much less.
  5. Tired of vacationing at the same vacation destination every year.
  6. Irritated that they can’t vacation where they want, when they want.
  7. Aggravated with timeshare exchange companies.
  8. Widowed or divorced and no longer able to travel with loved ones.
  9. Worried about their children inheriting a timeshare and the financial obligations that come with it (yes, your loved ones can inherit your timeshare when you pass away whether they want it or not).
  10. Inheritors of a timeshare they don’t want or use.


Q: What qualifications must be met to use RE/MAX Sites Marina - Cancel My Timeshare’s service?

A: We accept almost all timeshares, please contact us with your timeshare company, so that we can confirm that we can do it.  Your timeshare must be paid in full and your current timeshare maintenance fees and special assessments must be current and up to date. Your timeshare must also be on our list of accepted properties.


Q: Will my name be completely off the Timeshare deed?

A:  Completely.  All title transfers are handled by professionally licensed, bonded and insured title agencies. Depending on the property of record, title is transferred via Deed, Membership, Lease, Assignment, or as required by resort official governing documents (Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions).


Q: I would like to speak with you over the phone. How can I do that?

A:  Please call our toll-free number at 1 (888) 796-6606 to speak with a representative. You may also submit an inquiry on our website for further information, and we would be delighted to speak with you!


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Client Testimonials

We were very happy with the whole process, we tried to sell on our own, we are now free and clear of our timeshare; finally!  

D. Burk,

L.A., California


We are so relieved to have finally gotten rid of our timeshare, what a relief.

S. Proctor

Gainesville, Florida


Thank you for helping us, we will recommend your company to anyone who wants to get out of their timeshare.

S. Lebe


We really liked the professional approach we recieved from Remax.  Everything was very smooth. Very happy with our experience with REMAX.

Marie K

New York


Because of Remax I was finally able to to get out of my timeshare.  I now have peace of mind. I chose to go with Remax because its a name i knew i could trust, thank you again. 

T Kim


We had tried several different companies to no avail, you got the job done, wish we would have used RE/MAX from the beginning, would have saved us two additional years of maint. fees, and wasted dollars with fly by night companies.

Relieved, S. Newman and family